Bob Work on CBS’ “Intelligence Matters” podcast

Bob Work on CBS’ “Intelligence Matters” podcast

“We don’t know how AI and 5G and quantum and synthetic biology are all going to go to work. But they all have the capabilities to provide a step function in the way we fight wars. And the competitor who gets there first is going to have an enormous advantage. So if you’re a force designer, you’re happy. Because you’re buying new capabilities. This is a time of enormous foment inside the department. And it’s a pretty exciting time…

“[T]he competition in AI is a central one in great power competition between China and Russia. AI will reflect the values of the competitors. Whereas we want to protect human privacy, we want to protect human dignity, we want to make sure that our use of AI is ethical and moral and consistent with our laws. An authoritarian regime might not do it that way…”

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