Category: Geopolitical Perspectives

Julie Smith writes with Laura Rosenberger in Newsweek: “While the U.S. Sits Back, China Is Using Covid-19 to Cozy Up to Europe”

“As the world has grappled with COVID-19, China has sought to leverage the crisis for geopolitical advantage. To do so, China isn’t relying on the traditional forms of statecraft, such as diplomacy. Instead, it is pairing highly publicized aid with public bullying, bombastic rhetoric and outright coercion. “We have spent …

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Dennis Ross quoted in The New York Times article, “On Annexation, a Green Light Turns Yellow, Pompeo’s Visit to Israel Signals”

“Dennis Ross, who helped negotiate earlier peace plans during the Clinton administration, noted signs of ‘a certain pause’ in the Trump administration’s approach after a series of diplomatic maneuvers that appeared designed to pressure Palestinian officials into new talks with Israel. “Notably, Mr. Ross said, leaders of neighboring Arab states …

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Bridge Colby writes with A. Wess Mitchell in the Wall Street Journal: “Containing China Will Be Complicated”

“The Covid-19 pandemic has convinced many that the U.S. must fundamentally change its policy toward China. Shifting course is necessary, but it won’t be achieved with a few policy tweaks. That’s because the pandemic’s political and economic effects are bringing about a more assertive Chinese grand strategy. “Beijing has steered …

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