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Miriam Vogel in Axios: “How bias creeps into healthcare AI”

“Many health-related AI technologies today are biased because they’re built on datasets largely comprised of men and individuals of European descent. “Why it matters: An AI system trained to identify diseases, conditions and symptoms in people in these datasets could fail when presented with data from people with different characteristics…” …

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Michael Camilleri quoted in The Washington Post article, “Social media remains key to Venezuela’s opposition, despite efforts to block it”

“Michael Camilleri, a director at the Washington-based think tank Inter-American Dialogue, said social-media and online messaging services had become the most critical ways Venezuelans communicated beyond the reach of government censors. The opposition to Maduro has publicly mobilized on Twitter and Instagram and privately communicated through group chats on the …

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Danny Russel quoted in Bloomberg News article, “Xi Jinping’s Second Belt and Road Forum: Three Key Takeaways”

“This year’s joint statement — released after Xi chaired a round table with participating leaders — repeatedly called for “high-quality” projects and standards. The 2017 communique didn’t use the phrase. The document also encouraged developed nations to invest in “connectivity projects” in developing countries, and said cooperation “will be open, …

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