Nick Rasmussen quoted in The Daily Beast article, “At Aspen Security Forum, National Security Leaders Admit, ‘We Have Been Lazy On Hate’”

“‘We often ended up bucketing international and domestic terrorism into two separate buckets,’ said panelist Nick Rasmussen, who formerly helmed the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). ‘One of the things I hope you leave here today with is maybe some sense that that may not be the right way to think …

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Bob Work and Eric Schmidt write in War on the Rocks: “In Search of Ideas: The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence Wants You”

“Americans don’t want to grow old wondering what happened to their country’s place in the world. U.S. global leadership has fostered international institutions, strengthened human rights in international relations, and helped make what President Woodrow Wilson sought more than a century ago: a world ‘safe for democracy.’ But Americans should …

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