Michèle Flournoy testifies before the House Armed Services Committee on DOD’s role in the competition with China

Chairman Smith and Ranking Member Thornberry, distinguished members of the House Armed Services Committee, it is truly an honor to testify before you today on the Department of Defense’s role in the United States’ strategic competition with China. U.S.-China Competition Broadly Strategic competition between the United States and China is …

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C-SPAN livestreams the Center for American Progress’ National Security Conference featuring Michèle Flournoy, Susan Rice, and Denis McDonough

“Obama administration officials discuss the national security priorities a progressive government should focus on during its first 100 days in office. Several topics were covered including the current tensions with Iran, President Trump’s handling of foreign policy, and repairing U.S. relationships with allies…” Watch the full panel here: Full Panel

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Julie Smith writes in the Washington Monthly: “What the Next President Can Do to Save Our Alliances with Europe”

“The transatlantic relationship has suffered a series of near-fatal blows in recent years. President Trump has openly questioned America’s Article 5 commitment to defend any attacked NATO member, dubbed the European Union a ‘foe,’ and repeatedly disparaged some of America’s closest allies—for example, calling Germany ‘captive to Russia.’ The people …

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