Michèle Flournoy and Nick Rasmussen quoted in The Washington Post article: “To Prepare for the Next Pandemic, the U.S. Needs to Change Its National Security Priorities, Experts Say”

“’If the national security staff apparatus around the president is doing its job right, it should be able to coordinate different elements of the government,’ said Nicholas J. Rasmussen, who was the director of the National Counterterrorism Center under Presidents Barack Obama and Trump… “Michèle Flournoy, a former defense official …

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Meghan O’Sullivan quoted in S&P Global article, “Economists Wonder: Did COVID-19 Accelerate Timeline for Peak Oil Demand?”

“‘We see a real absence of international cooperation during this moment of global crisis,’ Meghan O’Sullivan, an international affairs professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government said May 20, pointing to early efforts by wealthy countries to procure vaccine manufacturing for the benefit of their own citizens. ‘But then …

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Mike Singh quoted in The Washington Post article, “How Trump’s Failed ‘Maximum Pressure’ Tactics Could Inspire a Pre-Election Provocation”

“There is remarkable agreement across the spectrum of Iran experts on what this campaign has achieved: not much. ‘”Maximum pressure” has caused unprecedented economic pain for the Iranian regime, but has not yet resulted in any outcome that advances American interests,’ concluded an analysis by Michael Singh, who was senior …

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