Bridge Colby quoted in Nikkei article, “China-Russia Alliance On Horizon as Nuclear Arms Treaties Crumble”

“These concerns translated into action when the U.S. withdrew from the INF Treaty last August. While Washington blamed alleged violations by Moscow, the primary motive was to counter potential threats from Beijing, according to Elbridge Colby, a former senior Pentagon official who helped author the Trump administration’s National Defense Strategy. …

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Michèle Flournoy participates in Chatham House virtual roundtable, “US Global Leadership After COVID-19”

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the absence of US global leadership. Michèle Flournoy talks with Dr. Leslie Vinjamuri about the impact of COVID-19 on US domestic priorities and foreign policy commitments. “Flournoy discusses current US strategy towards China and the Middle East and how this might change under a Democratic administration…” …

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Dennis Ross quoted in the Jerusalem Post article, “Will U.S. Presidential Candidates Care About the Middle East Peace Process?”

“'[Middle East policy] will not figure prominently,’ Dennis Ross, a former special assistant to president Barack Obama, and now William Davidson Distinguished Fellow at The Washington Institute, told the Post. ‘COVID-19 and the economic realities will be the preoccupation [of this election cycle],’ he predicted. “’Foreign policy, in general, will …

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