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Michèle Flournoy, Bob Work, and Julie Smith cited in the Wall Street Journal article, “National Security Veterans Urge Trump to Invoke Emergency Mobilization Law”

“A bipartisan group of more than 100 former national security officials are urging President Trump immediately to use a Korean War-era defense mobilization law ‘to the full extent’ to support companies making supplies critical to combating the coronavirus outbreak. “In a letter Wednesday, the former officials said the Defense Production …

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Bob Work on Eye on A.I.’s podcast

“Former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and former Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work, co-chairs of the U.S. National Security Commission on AI, talk about the challenges the government faces in winning support from a skeptical private sector and in maintaining engagement with China while ensuring that that engagement doesn’t work …

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Bob Work and Eric Schmidt write in War on the Rocks: “In Search of Ideas: The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence Wants You”

“Americans don’t want to grow old wondering what happened to their country’s place in the world. U.S. global leadership has fostered international institutions, strengthened human rights in international relations, and helped make what President Woodrow Wilson sought more than a century ago: a world ‘safe for democracy.’ But Americans should …

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