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Bridge Colby interviewed in The Asahi Shimbun, “U.S. Needs ‘Denial Defense’ to Thwart Chinese Action in Taiwan”

“Elbridge Colby, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development, recently spoke with The Asahi Shimbun about China’s military ambitions, particularly over Taiwan, and what he believes neighboring countries, including Japan, should do to prepare for such security threats…” Read the full transcript here: Full Transcript

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Bridge Colby writes with A. Wess Mitchell in Foreign Affairs: “The Age of Great-Power Competition”

“U.S. foreign policy is, by most accounts, in disarray. Headlines—including in these pages—proclaim the death of global American leadership. Famous columnists send regular dispatches from the frontlines of U.S. President Donald Trump’s supposed campaign against the postwar liberal order. The damage to Washington’s standing in the world, we are told, …

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Bridge Colby cited in The Japan Times article, “U.S. Plan to Fight China and Russia is Too Good To Be True”

“Second, horizontal escalation suffers from a time problem. Coercion — particularly economic coercion — takes a while to work. But in the meantime, analysts such as former Trump administration Pentagon official Elbridge Colby have pointed out that the aggressor will be consolidating its gains and fortifying a position from which …

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