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Danny Russel interviewed in Business Insider article, “Kim Jong Un Has Quietly Built a 7,000-Man Cyber Army That Gives North Korea an Edge Nuclear Weapons Don’t”

“The North Korean cyber operation documented by a lot of cybersecurity firms lists this principal group as starting circa 2010. But that gives the impression that we know a lot more about North Korea’s cyber activity than I think we really do. “North Korea has been cultivating and has been …

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Danny Russel quoted in The Washington Post article, “As He Seeks to Punish China, Trump Faces Criticism at Home Over His Own Attacks on Democratic Values”

“Danny Russel, a vice president at the Asia Society, who served in the Obama administration, said the Trump administration had long since ‘crossed the Rubicon in terms of undercutting any credibility the United States may have had with the Chinese public about our commitment to values and to our principles.’ …

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