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Ely Ratner quoted in The Washington Post article, “Matthew Pottinger Faced Communist China’s Intimidation as A Reporter. He’s Now at The White House Shaping Trump’s Hard Line Policy Toward Beijing.”

“‘The problem is the distance between the strategy as [Pottinger] would conceive of it and what is actually coming out as U.S. policy,’ said Ely Ratner, who is executive vice president at the Center for a New American Security and worked as an high-ranking adviser to Joe Biden when Biden …

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Ely Ratner, Liz Rosenberg, and Paul Scharre write in Foreign Affairs: “Beyond the Trade War: A Competitive Approach to Countering China”

“The verdict is in on U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Regardless of whether U.S. negotiators soon reach a deal with Beijing, the administration’s initial gambit has run aground. After wreaking havoc on portions of the U.S. economy with his trade policies, the president is now angling to …

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Ely Ratner quoted in The South China Morning Post article, “Hong Kong People Could Feel ‘Most of the Pain’ from U.S. Human Rights Act, American Experts Warn”

“‘I think it’s a really hard policy problem for the United States in part because there needs to be some sort of rule here of “Do no harm,”’ Ely Ratner, deputy director of national security for former vice-president Joe Biden, said during a discussion hosted by the National Committee on …

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