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Michael Camilleri quoted in POLITICO article, “U.S. plans for Venezuela hit turbulence as Maduro tries Assembly takeover”

“Now, ‘the trend lines point toward increasing authoritarian consolidation, a stronger Nicolas Maduro and a more fragmented opposition,’ said Michael Camilleri, who served in the State Department and the National Security Council during the Obama administration. ‘Those in the opposition who had deluded themselves into thinking Trump was going to …

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Michael Camilleri spoke with France 24, “Evo Morales Steps Down: ‘The People of Bolivia Took to the Streets to Defend Their Democracy, But the Military Gave Morales the Final Push'”

“I think it is too early to call it a coup. Evo Morales clearly created this predicament for himself by violating the constitution and then orchestrating what appears to be a fraudulent election. The people of Bolivia reacted to that. They took to the streets for weeks to try to …

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