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McCain Institute Announces Inaugural Class of their National Security and Counterterrorism Fellowship, designed and led by Nick Rasmussen

“‘We have selected women and men of extraordinary achievement and promise who in the mold of Senator John McCain have demonstrated their commitment to national security and public service,’ said Rasmussen, who joined the McCain Institute as a senior director last year. ‘Simply put, investing in the personal and professional …

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Lisa Monaco and Nick Rasmussen quoted in The Washington Post article, “Rise of Far-Right Violence Leads Some to Call for Realignment of Post-9/11 National Security Priorities”

“Protecting the public from the most pressing terrorist threat ‘has been our governing principle for many years now,’ said Lisa Monaco, who served as the top counterterrorism adviser to President Barack Obama. Given the surge in attacks linked to the far right, she said, ‘we need to prioritize our resources …

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Nick Rasmussen quoted in The Daily Beast article, “At Aspen Security Forum, National Security Leaders Admit, ‘We Have Been Lazy On Hate’”

“‘We often ended up bucketing international and domestic terrorism into two separate buckets,’ said panelist Nick Rasmussen, who formerly helmed the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). ‘One of the things I hope you leave here today with is maybe some sense that that may not be the right way to think …

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