Andrea Kendall-Taylor quoted in The Washington Post article, “Biden Administration Imposes Significant Economic Sanctions on Russia Over Cyberspying, Efforts to Influence Presidential Election”

“‘It’s good to clearly message our priorities to Russia,’ said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security. ‘By packaging a response to several things at once, the administration can get off the back foot and move on its agenda. What we don’t want is

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Joe Maguire quoted in The New York Times article, “How the U.S. Plans to Fight From Afar After Troops Exit Afghanistan”

“‘As good as our intelligence and over-the-horizon capabilities are, there is no substitute for being there,’ Joseph Maguire, a former top Navy SEAL commander who served as acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, said in an interview. ‘Our effectiveness in protecting our homeland will be significantly diminished…’”

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