Mike Singh writes with Sinan Ulgen in Foreign Policy: “Biden Can’t Avoid Erdogan, but He Can Keep the U.S.-Turkish Relationship on Track”

“When Joe Biden assumes office as U.S. president in late January, one of the thorniest foreign-policy challenges he will inherit is not one of his predecessor’s creation. Indeed, the problem of U.S. relations with Turkey has wrong-footed U.S. administrations from both parties in the past two decades…” Read the full

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Michael Camilleri quoted in France 42 article, “Biden Heralds Shift in US Strategy Toward Venezuela”

“Another analyst, Michael Camilleri of the Inter-American Dialogue, said, ‘Biden’s policy toward Venezuela will be grounded in reality rather than the wishful thinking that we’ve seen under the Trump administration.’ “The reality, he said, is that Maduro presides over a dictatorship that systematically violates people’s human rights, and the country

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