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Bridge Colby quoted in Foreign Policy article, “Biden Administration Looks to Contain China With Allies’ Help, Despite No Asian NATO”

“The Biden administration has found a receptive ear in Asian capitals for pushing back on China’s territorial expansion. It is getting increased buy-in for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue from Japan, as well as from long-wary partners India and Australia, which recently began military exercises together again after a long pause.

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Bridge Colby in The Washington Post: “Biden’s Global, Muscular Liberalism is an Indefensible Foreign Policy in 2021”

“The central theme of President Biden’s foreign policy is a global, muscular liberalism. Ensuring that democracy ‘will and must prevail,’ Biden told the Munich Security Conference, is ‘our galvanizing mission.’ This appears to mean taking on threats to democracy wherever they lie — challenging both China and Russia, which Biden

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