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Dennis Ross quoted in Fox News article, “Biden’s Release of Report on Khashoggi Killing Shows Difference From Trump’s Approach, Experts Say”

“Washington Institute experts Dennis Ross and Robert Satloff say an ‘interests-oriented, not values-oriented, posture toward the kingdom’ can no longer be the policy. The U.S. will continue its diplomatic alliance with Saudi Arabia, but this relationship will be different…” Read the full article here: Full Article

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Dennis Ross quoted in The Jerusalem Post article, “US Attack in Syria: Why Now? What Can Be Learned? Experts Weigh In”

“‘The administration understood that it had to show the militias would pay a price’ when the country directed US military airstrikes in eastern Syria against facilities belonging to what the Pentagon said were Iran-backed militia, said Ambassador Dennis Ross. “The attacks were a calibrated response to rocket attacks against US targets

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Dennis Ross quoted in The Jerusalem Post article, “Netanyahu: Peace with UAE Won’t Be Harmed by F-35 Freeze”

“Ambassador Dennis Ross, William Davidson Distinguished Fellow at The Washington Institute, told The Jerusalem Post that ‘it is fairly typical of new administrations to review big arms sales that its predecessors have committed to doing.’ “‘Reagan, for example, reviewed the Carter administration decision to provide AWACS to Saudi Arabia, and

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