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Mike Singh quoted in The Washington Post article, “How Trump’s Failed ‘Maximum Pressure’ Tactics Could Inspire a Pre-Election Provocation”

“There is remarkable agreement across the spectrum of Iran experts on what this campaign has achieved: not much. ‘”Maximum pressure” has caused unprecedented economic pain for the Iranian regime, but has not yet resulted in any outcome that advances American interests,’ concluded an analysis by Michael Singh, who was senior

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Mike Singh writes in The Washington Post: “Trump is Right to Bide His Time in Renewing A Nuclear Treaty with Russia”

“Next February, the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), which limits U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear weapons, will expire. With the demise of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) last year following Russian violations, and Moscow’s flouting of other treaties meant to limit U.S.-Russian competition, the lapse of New START

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Mike Singh testifies before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs: “The Middle East Peace Process: An Analysis from Former U.S. Negotiators”

“Historically, the strategic foundation for U.S. involvement in the peace process has been twofold. First, the peace process was a way for the United States to manage seemingly contradictory partnerships with Israel and the Arab states, few of which recognized Israel and several of which had waged war repeatedly against

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