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Mike Singh writes with Sinan Ulgen in Foreign Policy: “Biden Can’t Avoid Erdogan, but He Can Keep the U.S.-Turkish Relationship on Track”

“When Joe Biden assumes office as U.S. president in late January, one of the thorniest foreign-policy challenges he will inherit is not one of his predecessor’s creation. Indeed, the problem of U.S. relations with Turkey has wrong-footed U.S. administrations from both parties in the past two decades…” Read the full

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Mike Singh quoted in The Washington Post article, “How Trump’s Failed ‘Maximum Pressure’ Tactics Could Inspire a Pre-Election Provocation”

“There is remarkable agreement across the spectrum of Iran experts on what this campaign has achieved: not much. ‘”Maximum pressure” has caused unprecedented economic pain for the Iranian regime, but has not yet resulted in any outcome that advances American interests,’ concluded an analysis by Michael Singh, who was senior

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