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Michèle Flournoy and Nick Rasmussen quoted in The Washington Post article: “To Prepare for the Next Pandemic, the U.S. Needs to Change Its National Security Priorities, Experts Say”

“’If the national security staff apparatus around the president is doing its job right, it should be able to coordinate different elements of the government,’ said Nicholas J. Rasmussen, who was the director of the National Counterterrorism Center under Presidents Barack Obama and Trump… “Michèle Flournoy, a former defense official

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Nick Rasmussen co-authors in The Washington Post: “Former Intelligence Chiefs: Trump’s Removal of Experts is Deeply Destructive to Our Nation’s Safety”

“The United States — and the world — faces a historic threat to its health, well-being and economy. The global covid-19 pandemic challenges all of us: the public, cities, states and, of course, the federal government. But as we collectively fight this deadly disease, the intelligence institutions that help protect

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Nick Rasmussen quoted in The Washington Post article, “Trump Plans to Nominate Special Forces Veteran to Head Counterterrorism Center Amid Uncertainty About Its Future”

“‘I’m encouraged that the administration is turning to a career national security professional for this job as opposed to picking a career politician or some known ideologue,’ said Nicholas Rasmussen, who led the NCTC from 2014 to 2017. “‘What’s important is whether Chris Miller or any nominee can do what

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