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Bridge Colby quoted in The New York Times article, “State Dept. Moves to Ease Restrictions on Meeting with Taiwan Officials”

“With Beijing cracking down on democratic movements and asserting itself globally, it is critical to strengthen ties with Taiwan, Mr. Colby said. “‘We need Taiwan to increase its resilience, its defensibility, its economic strength, because there’s a real possibility that China will take aggressive action against it,’ he said…” Read

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Matt Waxman publishes book with Nobuhisa Ishizuka and Masahiro Kurosaki: Strengthening the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Pathways for Bridging Law and Policy

“The U.S.-Japan alliance is a cornerstone of American foreign and defense policy in East Asia. ‘It’s critical to the security of the region,’ says Matthew Waxman, Liviu Librescu Professor of Law and faculty chair of the Law School’s National Security Law Program. ‘To understand how the U.S.-Japan alliance operates in

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WestExec Advisors and Schmidt Futures partner on a new publication, “A Playbook for the Department of Defense: Recruiting and Hiring Tech Talent”

“This playbook is a blueprint for organizational leaders and human resource professionals at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) on how to recruit and hire an exceptional technical workforce.” “The task of leading Department of Defense organizations to be more forward leaning on recruiting and hiring technical talent involves navigating

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