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Andrea Kendall-Taylor quoted in The Financial Times article, “Biden Shows He Will Wield US Financial System as Foreign Policy Weapon”

“At stake, said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, who was appointed Biden’s NSC Russia director before declining for personal reasons, is the dominance of the US dollar and America’s unassailed lead in the global financial system, which relies on New York as international dollar clearing house…” Read the full article here: Full Article

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Andrea Kendall-Taylor quoted in The Washington Post article, “Biden Administration Imposes Significant Economic Sanctions on Russia Over Cyberspying, Efforts to Influence Presidential Election”

“‘It’s good to clearly message our priorities to Russia,’ said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security. ‘By packaging a response to several things at once, the administration can get off the back foot and move on its agenda. What we don’t want is

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Rachel Ellehuus cited in War on the Rocks article, “Predictable Unpredictability? U.S. Arctic Strategy and Ways of Doing Business in the Region”

“Alliances and partnerships in the region have been highlighted in the U.S. Arctic policy documents over the years as the greatest strategic asymmetric advantage over rivals in the region, and therefore the cornerstone of regional strategy. Notably, activity with and through allies and partners can help to partly offset the

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