Nick Rasmussen on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports

"Just three days before the mass shooting in El Paso, the former FBI Assistant Director for Counter Intelligence warned in a New York Times op-ed that President Trump was fanning the flames of race-based terrorism. Frank Figliuzzi, who wrote that opinion piece, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss alongside Jane Murguia, President and CEO of UnidosUS, Nick Rasmussen, a former director of the national counterterrorism center, and Charlie Sykes, editor in chief of The Bulwark..." Watch the full interview here: Full Interview

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Danny Russel quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald article, “‘Far More Than a Trade War:’ Obama’s Asia Adviser Sounds Ominous Warning to Australia on China”

"'It behoves each of our governments to avail themselves of all the tools at our disposal in an effort to positively influence the conduct of the Chinese government,' Mr. Russel said. 'One of the essential components is a collaborative effort among like-minded countries, and linking arms to ensure that we are presenting a coherent and united front ... pushing for adherence to a clear set of rules and principles.' "While tariffs could be a part of that mix, 'you don't use [...]

Dennis Ross quoted in The Washington Post article, “Trump’s Faulty Claim That Iran Has Changed Its Regional Behavior”

"Reports do indicate Hezbollah has seen its funding reduced in recent months, but, according to Dennis Ross, a former U.S. ambassador and a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, there is 'no indication whatsoever that Hezbollah is stopping any of its bad behavior.' This reduction in funding also coincides with a downturn in the Lebanese economy and, therefore, may not solely be a result of sanctions..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Lisa Monaco cited in Fifth Domain article: “State Election Offices Made for an Easy Target for Russian Hackers”

"Lisa Monaco, a former homeland security adviser, told the committee that DHS found some states didn’t have their voter databases encrypted or backed up. Others in industry agreed that state security officials often failed to follow basic advice..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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Lisa Monaco quoted in Foreign Policy article, “Scope of Russian Election Hacking Remains Unclear”

"It also unclear whether the federal government was able to collect the data that it needed to make firm conclusions about the nature of Russian hacking. 'Law enforcement and the intelligence community is going to be significantly reliant on what the holders and owners and operators of the infrastructure sees on its system and decides to raise their hand,' Lisa Monaco, Obama’s top homeland security advisor, told investigators. "Monaco’s skepticism about whether the state and local governments that operate American elections [...]

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Nick Rasmussen quoted in The Daily Beast article, “At Aspen Security Forum, National Security Leaders Admit, ‘We Have Been Lazy On Hate’”

"'We often ended up bucketing international and domestic terrorism into two separate buckets,' said panelist Nick Rasmussen, who formerly helmed the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). 'One of the things I hope you leave here today with is maybe some sense that that may not be the right way to think about it.' "Rasmussen said that during his time in government, when dealt with terrorist threats at the highest levels, he couldn’t remember having a single conversation about hate-based domestic terrorism, including [...]

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Mike Singh quoted in The Financial Times article, “With Iran and The West Escalating Tensions, Can War be Avoided?”

"Mike Singh, a former Bush administration official, said deterring Iranian attacks would be difficult because the regime appeared to have concluded that Mr. Trump was wary of taking military action. “'Normally you deter by making them worry about devastating cost. But they are already experiencing devastating cost and Trump has made clear he doesn’t want to go the military route, so Iran might feel it has got nothing to lose,' Mr. Singh said..." Read the full article here: Full Article

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